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Spinal abscesses are relatively rare, but potentially life threatening condition.  Unfortunately, unnecessary delays in their diagnosis, are not so uncommon.   And, when the diagnosis is delayed the result is further permanent neurologic impairment.  Spinal abscesses are generally of the epidural space surrounding the cord.  Predisposing factors include spinal surgery, trauma, immunosuppression, nearby local infection, and intravenous drug usage, but these are not always present.  Patients with spinal abscesses may initial present with only back pain, later followed by radicular pain and then by signs of spinal cord compression including impairment of position and vibration sense, the appearance of corticospinal tract findings, the development of a sensory level to vibration, position, light touch, or pinprick, and finally impairment of bowel and bladder.   Treatment is highly effective and prevents progression of neurologic loss and allows for some recovery.  If not provided in a timely manner the abscess will cause paralysis and death. 


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