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BirthInjury.org A not-for-profit organization providing support, information, and resourse for those touched by brachial plexus injury, brain injury or cerebral palsy.  This site provides some easy to read explanations about the causes birth injuries. 

Medscape provides medical news and information. Good source for learning about your medical condition. Free registration; free online access to many medical articles, text materials, and multimedia presentations.

Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics provides free online access to what claims to be the most comprehensive, unparalleled, dynamic online medical textbook in existence. Great place to learn about your orthopedic injury.

The National Cancer Institute provides up-to-date, comprehensive cancer information from the U.S. government's principal agency for cancer research. A great resource for patients and family wanting to learn about specific forms of cancer. NCI brochures for all the common cancers which include anatomical animations are available for online viewing.

The Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation is a private organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities. Provides research and assistance, including financial assistance, vocational training, employment, housing, occupational and physical therapy evaluations, transportation, and wheel chairs.

Free Medical Journals and Free Books for Doctors provides free online access to many medical journals and textbooks.

Medical Malpractice Legal Resources - Regional information on medical personal injury resources.



Wichita Police Department Accident Reports are available on City of Wichita site providing online access to full motor vehicle accident reports. A fee of $16 is charged for obtaining the report.

Police and Sheriff Accident Reports from across Kansas and the entire country.  Online access to motor vehicle accident reports done by the following law enforcement agencies in Kansas (fees vary from $3 to $12): Atchison County Sheriff, Emporia Police Department, Hutchinson Police Department, Junction City Police Department, Leavenworth Police Department, McPherson Police Department, Riley County Police Department, Salina Police Department, Saline County Sheriff's Office, Shawnee County Sheriff's Office, and Topeka Police Department.

Muni Codes is a site providing direct access to city codes, including traffic ordinances, for many of the major cities in Kansas, including Wichita. Online access is free and you do not have to purchase the code.

The National Transportation Safety Board is an independent U.S. government investigative agency responsible for civil transportation accident investigation.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is home to the crash dummies. The NHTSA conducts research and issues regulations designed to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce vehicle-related crashes. On line access to a number of scientific articles addressing the biomechanics of motor vehicle traumatic injuries.

Google Maps Ready access to satellite images of accident scenes. Great for diagramming accident scenes. Lawyers used to pay for aerial photographs.  And what a great way to travel without the hassle of flying or driving.  Now they even have street level views.  Before long we be able to enter buildings, such as museums and browse their collections.  If you're really into computers and the internet and haven't heard of David Deutsch, Nick Bostrom, and Ray Kurzweil, you should check them out.  No, they're not crazy.  What's crazy is how blind we are to our reality, and what you can do when you collect and process more and more information at faster and faster speeds.

Crash Forensics is an offshoot of Dr. John Glennon a doctorial educated Transportation Consulting Engineer.  Much of his consulting work has been "accident reconstruction" done at the request of lawyers and insurance companies.  Applying principles of engineering and the very laws of phyics set out by Sir. Isaac Newton accident reconstructionist can perform computations answering questions related to the forces of an impact, including speed and direction of travel.  Accident reconstruction work was at one time done mostly by professional engineers, the nerds with the pocket protectors, but the development of sophisicated software programs by the computer nerds has opened up the profession to more technically trained specialists.  



The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts  is the State of Kansas agency which licenses and regulates the practitioners of the healing arts defined as following professionals: MD, DO, DPM, DC, PA, ND, LRT, RT, OT and OTA. Free online access to information regarding the practice and the practitioners of healing arts in Kansas , including verifications, disciplinary actions and orders, and laws and regulations.

The Kansas State Board of Nursing licenses and regulates nurses and nursing in Kansas. Free and easy access to license verifications and disciplinary information and nursing laws and regulations.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment's mission is to promote and protect health and prevent disease and injury among the people of Kansas. Including in their regulatory authority is the licensing of hospitals and clinics. Online access to a directory that includes specific information concerning facilities holding licenses.

The Scoliosis Research Society is the premier professional organization for surgeons who operate on spinal deformities. Online access to educational materials, and listing of member physicians.

The American Medical Association's Doctor Finder database is a good source for obtain information on out-of-state physicians.  The AMA also provides a page with links to State Medical Boards located in every state.  


The Kansas Department of Labor Division of Workers Compensation is the resource for Kansas Workers Compensation claimants. Information concerning wage and medical benefits, and filing of claims; and, ready access to laws and regulations and legal forms.

The U.S. Department of Justice American with Disabilities Act website contains information on access rights, filing complaints, and enforcement of laws on behalf of disabled persons.

The U.S. Social Security Administration website is the Official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration and provides information regarding eligibility for disability benefits; online filing of claims.

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