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1.  Fetal Distress:  "Help get me outta here!" In utero (in the uterus) the fetus is dependent upon the mother's blood the sole source of oxygen and nutrients needed for development and survival.  The placenta is where the oxygen and nutrients are filtered from the mother's blood and transferred to the fetus via the umbilical cord.  Things can and do happen which diminish the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.  Restrict this flow for too long and the fetus will suffer a hypoxic insult and resulting brain damage.

Compression on the cord itself is one way this occurs.  Another is hyper-stimulation of the uterus.  During contractions the flow of blood to/from the placenta ceases.   Basically, if the life line is not working properly the best hope of survival for the fetus is to get out via delivery. 

Fetal heart monitoring is the method by which we can tell whether the fetus is having any difficulties.  Doctors and nurses are specially trained to recognize the signs of fetal distress that can appear on the monitoring strip.  My wife is a specialized labor and delivery nurse with over 30+ years of experience at interpreting fetal heart monitor strips.  Fetal distress on the strip is the baby's way of saying, "Help get me otta here!"



2.  Trauma: "Hey, not so rough!" Trauma is the other basic way a baby can be injured during the birthing process.  Improper manuvers and improper use of instruments are the two more common mechanisms.




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