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You’re a 50 years old male overweight and a smoker.  Your recent brief bit of physical excretion was followed immediately by chest pain associated with shortness of breath, profuse sweating, and nausea.  Call 911 and seek medical treatment immediately.  Everyone knows you’re having a heart. 

Heart attacks do not always present in those who are high risk and with such a classic picture.  Other signs and symptoms of heart attack may include: indigestion, jaw ache, pain only in the shoulders, arms, or neck, shortness of breath, or nausea and vomiting.

Time is of the essence.  Important muscles in your heart are not receiving the necessary oxygen enriched blood causing eventual death of muscle tissue.   The longer you delay in seeking medical care, the more heart muscle will be damaged.  There is a window of
opportunity of a few hours during which your blockage can be opened restoring blood
supply and thereby preserving muscle.  Clot-busting medications are the first line of treatment and can be given in the emergency room.  Further treatments include heart catheterization and angioplasty (in which the blood vessel is opened by balloon, often with adjunctive placement of a stent), or both.

Ask for standard diagnostic tools including EKG (or ECG electrocardiogram) and blood work.   Injury to heart muscle results in EKG wave form changes and releases enzymes (CPK) contained within the cells into your blood. 

If you've had a heart attack that went undiagnosed, seeks the counsel of an experience medical malpractice attorney.




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